Quilting Patterns to Inspire Your Craft

Hi, I'm Karen Chase.

Designing and creating is my absolute happy place. It's not uncommon for me to get up at 4 AM and work on a design, whether it's on the computer or at the sewing machine, and not stop till midnight. My husband (and biggest supporter) will come home from work, make dinner, and even clean up!

Are you passionate about quilting too? Do you also feel enjoyment, serenity and a sense of accomplishment when you quilt?

Using the right quilt pattern makes the difference between an ordinary quilt and one that is truly unique. My patterns are clear and easy to understand, with good attention to detail. Plus they're modern and one-of-a-kind. Shop my Etsy store.

Karen Chase quilting

I have learned a lot about quilting from Karen. Her passion for sharing her talent shows in her impeccable sewing skills and in her unique designs. Her patterns are thorough and easy to understand.

~ Linda Smith, Halifax, NS

I've been privileged to know Karen and her work for many years. Her quality of detail is nothing less than perfection, her patterns are innovative, her classes are full. She's truly an inspiration!! Highly recommend following her!

~ Kathryn Osborne

I have a win-win experience when I make a pattern designed by Sugar Free Quilts. Not only are these patterns fun and innovative, the instructions are clearly and precisely written. Beginner and experienced quilters can jump right in with confidence, knowing they will gain beautiful results!

~ Kaholly Quilts

This was a great pattern. I used it for the back of a quilt but will definitely make it again as a featured design. Simple instructions and well written.

~ Cindy Lester (on Etsy)