Burying Threads in a Quilt

What's the most dreaded part of the post-quilting process? No...not the binding...before that...the really most awfullest part.

BURYING THREADS!! Oh, you've chosen to block it out?

You need very few supplies:

  • a needle and thread
  • a pair of snip scissors
  • good light, if you're of a certain age

Cut a 12"-ish (30cm) length of thread.

Thread the needle and knot the ends.

Notice the knot is positioned close to the needle. The technique works best if the knot is closer to the needle than at the opposite end.





Below is a little sample. The bobbin thread is a different colour so you can clearly see the steps. See how quickly, and easily, messy turns into spectacular. We'll focus on the circled area, below, left.

Following are quick and easy steps to bring you closer to that rewarding finish!

TIP: Typically loose threads are pulled to the back of the quilt for burying. However if the back of your quilt is very light, and the front has darker values, you might want to pull to the darker side. Your threads won't show up under the surface when they're buried behind a darker fabric.

So the only thing left to decide...Will you quilt a bit, bury a bit, quilt a bit, bury a bit?

...Or are you a quilt, quilt, quilt, quilt, bury, bury, bury, bury kind of quilter?

Oh, and for the record...I love binding, but that's for another post.
Much love, and stay safe.
Karen, Living Life in the Pfaff Lane